Long Walk Home

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Of all the prints I have done, this one was the most emotional, time-consuming, and eventually became the most famous. 64 newspaper articles covered this art nationally and internationally.

Articles on newspapers
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The philosophy behind “Long Walk Home”:

“More than a million Rohingya Muslims have fled Burma. Their homes destroyed, family members killed, crops burned. As the UN moves at a glacial pace, and China keeps vetoing any resolution to hold the Burmese military to justice, Rohingyas suffer in refugee camps. Despite many challenges, Bangladesh has been a great host. But the apathy of the international community is unsustainable.It is baffling to see good, honest, educated people dehumanizing Muslims. Everyday people rejecting or fearing refugees when they are the ones suffering the most. The sad truth is these everyday people are victims of cleverly controlled information. The people in the power successfully use social media to advance their agenda. Facebook, the propaganda machine of industrial-scale is sold to the highest bidder. The magnanimity of digital crime will one day be studied in universities. But it doesn’t matter to these refugees. They are ignored by all.Most people just want to go home. Rohingyas are just walking back home. They walk to remember a home they can no longer go back to. They walk to find a home that they don’t know. Long walk home.”