Poster for Prague Exhibition 2020

“Exhibitions in a gallery is a performance art. Everyone acts in a certain way, even though they don’t know they are acting. The whole thing reeks of stiffness and snobbery, even though no one is a snob. I would rather exhibit my work at a vegetable market, haggling with the strangers, chatting about their lives and their chicken. No one is pretending at a vegetable market” – Fawaz Rob


  • Group exhibition with Charukola printmakers, Dhaka.2021
  • Solo Exhibition, EXOTIC PRINTS, Arheološki muzej, Zadar, Croatia, 2020
  • Solo Exhibition, REPORTS FROM BANGLADESH, Prague, Czechia, 2020
  • Printmaking Biennale, Engravist, Istanbul, Turkey 2019
  • International Printmakers Congregation, Athens, Greece 2019
  • Qijiang International Print Festival, China 2018
  • Solo Exhibition, DHAKA, I LOVE YOU.Gallery in Montmarte, Paris, France 2018
  • Bangladesh Nepal group exhibition, Patan Museum, Katmandu, Nepal 2017
  • Kibria Chaapchitro mela, Printmaking group exhibition, Dhaka 2016,2017,2018,2019


Printmaking art residencies were completed in the studios of:
Paris, Budapest, Florence, Venice, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Zagreb and Dhaka.

Press release of solo exhibition in Paris. 2018
People discussing Fawaz Rob’s “Long Walk Home” at Penh Art
“Long Walk Home” winner of Penh Art Exhibition. 2021